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Changing currents: green hydrogen and the renewable energy revolution

In Insight by Matthew Taylor

Climate policy is dominating the political and news agendas across the globe as governments enact measures to meet net-zero emission goals in Europe, the UK, China, South Korea, Japan, Canada, among others. Renewable energy is at the heart of these strategies aimed at decarbonising the economy and completing the transition to net-zero and ultimately eliminating global greenhouse gas emissions altogether. …

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Miners Embrace the E in ESG

In Insight by Annabel De Morgan

Whilst any environmental and social work in mining projects may have previously been an attempt to appease NGOs and governments, it is, as is usually the case, the advent of investor interest in the space that has got the sector to step up a gear in terms of its efforts in ESG, as well as how it reports on these …

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Tavistock Mining Blog 2020: A year to forget or a year to remember?

In Insight by Tavistock Resources

London remains a ghost-town, but the vaccine is hoped to provide the City a much needed ‘shot in the arm’ Well, where do we start. How does one describe 2020 in a nutshell? Easy, if you’re allowed to curse. But this has always been a clean blog, so we’ll behave ourselves. Given this is one of those rare occasions where …

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A beginner’s guide to ‘green’ hydrogen

In Insight by Simon Hudson

The world has committed to fighting climate change through reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases.  This will mean decarbonising energy, transport, heat and industrial processes.  In our lifetimes.  What is underway now is an energy transition every bit as significant and far-reaching as the move from wood to coal and from coal to petrol and diesel. In the past twelve …

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How do investors assess companies for ESG?

In Insight by James Verstringhe

With more companies than ever stating their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) credentials, how do institutional investors assess investee companies for ESG factors? What are they really interested in? How do they sort the material ESG initiatives from the greenwashing? With these questions in mind, we decided to go direct to the source and invited Suresh Mistry, a veteran in …

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Tavistock IR: investor relations and going virtual during the Covid-19 pandemic

In Insight by Heather Armstrong

The latest in our investor relations series looks at the extraordinary trading volumes since lockdown, and ‘going virtual’ in the middle of a reporting and AGM season. In times of crisis it can be tempting to batten down the hatches. For public companies, however, there is nothing more important than continuing to communicate with investors and other key stakeholders during …

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My first week at Tavistock… And Coronavirus

In Insight by Katie Hopkins

Well, what a first week at Tavistock. Definitely a week I will never forget! I joined the TMT team at Tavistock on the 16 March 2020 and I can tell you, when people refer to this “uncertain time”, I understand. I really do. Starting a new job, in a new field of work, in a new place was always going …

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Communicating in a low oil price environment

In Insight by Nick Elwes

When the oil price crashes as it has this year, it is often tempting for oil and gas companies to batten down the hatches and withdraw into themselves in order to weather the storm, coming out the other side when the price recovers.  Whilst this option may often be seen as easiest and simplest route it is not necessarily the …

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Tavistock through CV-19

In Insight by Tavistock Resources

As many of our clients and friends will know, Tavistock was founded three decades ago. During this time, our partners and staff have operated through some astonishing economic shocks that have redefined financial markets and economies, bringing us valuable insight. Like many businesses, we have taken the responsible step to advise our team to work from home, an approach made …

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Breakfast with the Financial Times “Behind the scenes of its award winning FT Investigations”

In Insight by Jos Simson

With thanks to the FT’s Paul Murphy who together with Tavistock’s David Cracknell, hosted a highly interesting breakfast discussing the FT Investigations desk and the increasing profile of short sellers in Europe. Paul is the FT’s Investigations Editor and co-founder of FT Alphaville, the newspaper’s award winning investigations division. Founded in 2008, Alphaville has become the leading voice on breaking …