Intern Blog by Saskia Sizen

There is a perennial stereotype that interns in the city are the offspring of clients and do little more than make coffee and photocopy, however, my experience at Tavistock couldn’t have been further from this.  

After graduating from university at the beginning of the summer of 2022, I moved back into my family home (much to my parents’ joy!), already thinking about my next step. I soon started looking for a job, which is where my exploration of internships began.

Having previously done an internship in consumer PR, I knew that this field was where my interest lay. However, I wanted something with more of a fast-paced City environment which is where Financial PR came to the fore.

What I soon realised was how much my internship was going to deviate away from the stereotypes of “Ab-Fab”. I was met with an introductory lunch on my first day (already off to a good start) and from the get-go, I was thrown headfirst into current projects and calls with clients; I wasn’t just pushing paperwork and put behind a screen for no one to see.

Joining the New Energy team for the duration of my internship also allowed me to build a strong understanding of our clients and the industry.

Everyone was considerate and patient in answering my questions, no matter how irrelevant or simple I thought them to be. I received support with how things were done, how certain clients expect deliverables, and received regular help and training in areas I was uncertain of.

If you are looking for a hands-on, engaging and interesting internship, then Tavistock certainly meets that criteria. Towards the end of my internship, I was gladly met with a job offer with the Energy team, which I quickly accepted. I look forward to continuing my career at Tavistock and would highly recommend the internship experience. If you have questions on the internship programme at Tavistock, please get in touch with myself or my colleague Heather Armstrong.  

– Saskia Sizen, Associate and former intern

If you have questions on the internship programme at Tavistock, please email

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