Asset management PR. What is it?

Here is how asset management PR can safeguard the sustainability of an investment business in the long run.

The business of asset management is one of the most important in the UK. It is the UK where the sector is the largest and most mature and only second to the United States, globally. Around 2,600 firms manage around £11 trillion of assets for a mix of UK and overseas clients. It is big business. Mind you, 2,600 asset managers is a substantial number. This means seriously intense competition for fund flows. Competition is good for market outcomes, certainly, but less so for asset managers. Here is why strategic asset management PR is required.

New rules for asset managers

Market concentration. It has been predicted that the top ten largest asset managers will control half of all mutual fund assets globally by 2027 (according to Willis Towers Watson). This suggests serious asset manager concentration of the majors, with the rest of the market expected to be competing for scraps.

Digital. The media has become a leading source for people in the investment decision-making process. This is an entirely new paradigm from the past. Today, general internet searches (i.e., Google), newspapers, financial and investment websites, are the leading sources of information investors consult when deciding which fund(s) to invest in. Both ranked higher than the Key Investor Information Document (KIID) and fund ratings (according to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Consequently, visibility, and a clear purpose, is defining the success of an asset manager above other factors today. An asset management PR team is not a luxury or a nice-to-have for an asset management business. No matter what size it may be or stage of growth it might be in, every organisation effectively has no choice but to foster good relations with the public.

Partnering with an asset management PR

We partner with asset managers, wealth management firms and service providers, to create strategic PR and thought leadership programs to support their ability to attract assets and build brand value. Certainly, external platforms and third-party endorsements have become the maker or breaker of an asset management firms’ success.

As such, the Tavistock Financial Services team develop targeted PR campaigns to bolster the awareness of a firm’s investment products and services among prospective clients, intermediaries, and distributors.

We help asset managers and fund managers like yours develop a long-term public relations strategy that focuses on articulating your story and building relationships with media, existing and potential investors, advisers, referrers, and wider stakeholders.

Certainly, asset management PR can achieve the following objectives.

Benefits of asset management PR

  • Raise awareness of the firm’s brand and value proposition with new and existing investors
  • Increase AUM
  • Showcase new and innovative investment strategies
  • Reinforce benefits of working and investing with the firm
  • Increase client engagement
  • Grow Brand Value
  • Raise awareness of differentiating core brand attributes (i.e., asset class expertise, multi-generational advice, ESG, etc.)
  • Demonstrate manager and adviser expertise through compelling content and commentary
  • Help recruit the best talent

The goodwill premium

The business of asset management is volatile, and short-term performance can be even more so. The most communicative asset managers build goodwill with their key audiences and de-risk redemptions. When the chips are down, asset management PR will keep you afloat.

Strategic Asset Management PR can function as a tool to safeguard relationships internally with the workforce, as well as externally with potential clients. It will also increase visibility to them. If your audience is not aware of you or your expertise, meaningful fund flows will be hard to come by. This is particularly true for fund brands outside of the top ten asset managers.

Investors want to trust the companies they do business with, especially those that have the responsibility of safekeeping their hard-earned money.

The FCA’s market study demonstrates how crucial third-party endorsements from your community and from influential third parties are with regards to being seen, heard, trusted and to thrive.

We are here to help.

Henry Adefope, Director

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