MIPIM 2023: Blog 2

The sunny disposition of the 23,000 attendees of the MIPIM real estate conference in Cannes two weeks ago initially matched the beautiful spring weather in the south of France. But the mood turned distinctly grey when word quickly spread about...

11th Apr 2023

MIPIM 2023: Blog 1

Real estate people’s glasses are always half full, optimism in the face of uncertainty is their trait. So, the annual MIPIM conference in Cannes, which kicks off today, has long been a favourite for the sector, as the sun, the...

14th Mar 2023

Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Seminar

Tavistock recently attended the Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Seminar in Long Beach. The below blog was taken from our Energy Transition weekly email, ALL CHANGE, which you can subscribe to here.  Each day of the conference was painfully opened by...

1st Mar 2023

Intern Blog: Saskia Sizen

Intern Blog by Saskia Sizen There is a perennial stereotype that interns in the city are the offspring of clients and do little more than make coffee and photocopy, however, my experience at Tavistock couldn’t have been further from this....

27th Jan 2023

An interview with our CEO, Jos Simson

Our CEO, Jos Simson, sat down this month with The Works for an interview as part of their Thought Leaders Connected series. Jos discussed Tavistock’s history and the changing nature of the PR industry. Read the full interview.

17th Jan 2023

Africa Oil Week: Lights Out?

As I was getting ready to leave my hotel room, what I assumed to be a power cut had descended the room into darkness, silenced the radio and switched off the Wi-Fi. It was my first experience of load-shedding in...

20th Oct 2022

EXPO 2022 – a time for leadership

Numbers were up massively on last year’s post-pandemic EXPO Real and people were still smiling, happy to be able to catch up in the autumn sunshine over a Bavarian beer and a Pretzel. While no one denied that storm clouds...

7th Oct 2022

Focusing on EPCs alone won’t help us achieve net zero carbon

As the real estate industry manoeuvres to meet stiff carbon reduction targets, we asked Simon Crowe, founder of Low Carbon Alliance, a consultancy established in 2010 advising investors and occupiers on delivery of Net Zero ambitions, what he made of...

30th May 2022

Indaba is finally back with attendance at the level seen in 2020

Indaba is finally back with attendance at the level seen in 2020 It’s been two years in the waiting and the making, but here we are at last: the Cape Town Mining Indaba and 121 Investor Conference, probably the most...

17th May 2022

MIPIM 2022 – la Rentrée

Speculation about MIPIM, one of the two major international real estate conferences, has been rife over the past few months. Are you going? Are we going? Is it going to be worth it? Well, here we are, along with an...

14th Mar 2022