Change to MiFID regulations – what does this mean for small caps?

A welcome change to research coverage: FCA scraps MiFID research rules on small-caps. Late in 2021, the FCA  announced a change in legislation for sell-side research. From  March 2022, rules on sell-side research for companies with a market capitalisation of...

25th Jan 2022

All hot air: why companies must now assess their greenhouse gas emissions

In the quarter century since the first adoption of the UN’s Kyoto Protocol, greenhouse gas emissions and the wider impact of human activity on the environment have become increasingly greater concerns for governments, businesses and the general public.  And as...

17th Jun 2021

Social licence more important than ever

Mining will always be unique in comparison to most other sectors due to the paramount importance of working alongside the communities in which they operate. The emphasis on all stakeholders, rather than just shareholders, over the past decade has led...

26th Mar 2021

The property sector is adapting, albeit temporarily, to life without MIPIM

Today, in normal circumstances I would be flying to sunny Cannes for the annual MIPIM real estate conference. Instead, I shall be doing the same thing I have been doing pretty much for a year – putting on jeans, t-shirt...

15th Mar 2021

Changing currents: green hydrogen and the renewable energy revolution

Climate policy is dominating the political and news agendas across the globe as governments enact measures to meet net-zero emission goals in Europe, the UK, China, South Korea, Japan, Canada, among others. Renewable energy is at the heart of these...

1st Mar 2021

Miners Embrace the E in ESG

Whilst any environmental and social work in mining projects may have previously been an attempt to appease NGOs and governments, it is, as is usually the case, the advent of investor interest in the space that has got the sector...

19th Feb 2021

Tavistock Mining Blog 2020: A year to forget or a year to remember?

London remains a ghost-town, but the vaccine is hoped to provide the City a much needed ‘shot in the arm’ Well, where do we start. How does one describe 2020 in a nutshell? Easy, if you’re allowed to curse. But...

10th Dec 2020

A beginner’s guide to ‘green’ hydrogen

The world has committed to fighting climate change through reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases.  This will mean decarbonising energy, transport, heat and industrial processes.  In our lifetimes.  What is underway now is an energy transition every bit as significant...

3rd Sep 2020

How do investors assess companies for ESG?

With more companies than ever stating their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) credentials, how do institutional investors assess investee companies for ESG factors? What are they really interested in? How do they sort the material ESG initiatives from the greenwashing?...

7th May 2020

Tavistock IR: investor relations and going virtual during the Covid-19 pandemic

The latest in our investor relations series looks at the extraordinary trading volumes since lockdown, and 'going virtual' in the middle of a reporting and AGM season. In times of crisis it can be tempting to batten down the hatches....

23rd Apr 2020