Mining 2019: Taking stock at the Half Year

As we have now passed the halfway point of the year, it is a good time to look back at the six months to end-June to see where we lie as we head into H2 post the summer let up....

5th Aug 2019

It was all going so well in H1 2018…

Is it just us or do press headlines: “A darkening outlook for metals”, or “China slowdown a big threat to industrial metals in 2019”, published soon after a sustained multi-month downward trending market, make you feel positive? Probably not... Usually,...

1st Feb 2019

EXPO Real 2018: The largest European property conference

For those of us working in the real estate sector October starts with pretzels, schnitzels and beer. Europe’s largest real estate conference, Expo Real, takes place in Munich over three days at the beginning of October the day after the...

12th Oct 2018

Experiences of an intern

From the perspective of a penultimate year student, applying for the right internship was a gamble. Making the most of a three-year degree meant there was a large impetus on finding a valuable summer internship, where I could gain a...

11th Oct 2018

When will oil and gas exploration come back into vogue with investors?

When Cairn Energy made a series of discoveries in Rajasthan, India in 2003 / 2004, it provided one of the catalysts that attracted investors back into oil and gas exploration companies. The Cairn Mangala discovery was, at the time, the...

18th Sep 2018

Brexit countdown: what’s next for Theresa May

Around this time of year Theresa May likes to go on walking holidays in Wales. It allows her the freedom to think, apparently. But last year imbibing the Snowdonia air led the Prime Minister to make probably the worst decision...

10th Apr 2018

MIPIM 2018: On best behaviour

The property industry is going to be under the spotlight this week at the annual MIPIM conference in Cannes. Now in its 29th year, the property industry get-together has become famous as much for its extravagant beach parties and luxury...

14th Mar 2018

Expo Real 2017

Arguably the second most important European property conference after the world renowned MIPIM conference in the South of France, Expo provides a very different user experience, which is noticeable right from the outset. No long registration process, no queues to...

11th Oct 2017

Article 50: How long will Brexit take?

Goodbye and thanks for all the fish. That was basically the message from the mammoth nation of Greenland when it left the EU in 1985. Its exit negotiations, although complicated by relations with Denmark, had taken just three years; but...

29th Mar 2017

Notes from MIPIM 2017

As a journalist, I had a love-hate relationship with MIPIM, the annual global real estate conference in Cannes. I loved leaving grey, chilly London in March for the sunny and glamorous Mediterranean resort. Well, who wouldn’t? But I hated the...

16th Mar 2017