Ruairi Millar


Ruairi works within Tavistock’s natural resources team. He works closely with a diverse range of clients and companies with global operations, such as Ferrexpo PLC, SolGold and ASR.

Before joining natural resources, Ruairi had a successful term in the financial services team during a summer internship with Tavistock. His previous experience serves as a solid foundation for his current responsibilities, ensuring the continued success of his natural resources clients. In addition to his primary role, Ruairi will continue to collaborate with the financial services team, conducting thorough media monitoring and analysis. 

Prior to starting at Tavistock, Ruairi took some time off to travel Central and Southern America after graduating from Newcastle University with a first class degree in Environmental Sciences.

Beyond work Ruairi has a wide range of interests and hobbies. He can often be found pursuing his sporting and outdoor interests, which include rugby, running, swimming and going to the gym, as well as golf and tennis. He is also a keen cook and enjoys going out for food and drinks with friends.