Tavistock has over 30 years experience working with some of the world's most innovative Tech companies.

Our knowledge is drawn from a team with diverse professional backgrounds, including former financial analysts, accountants, FTSE 100 in-house operators and science and technology graduates.  This gives us the capability to understand complex technologies, applications, target markets and deliver outstanding results for our clients.

We have advised and represented the full range of private and public listed companies, large and small, from established companies to startups, operating in the UK and globally.

Tavistock has also designed and managed events for UK Tech investors, working in conjunction with UK innovation and incubation agencies.

Our advice and execution has often gone beyond financial calendar and reporting support, helping to deliver financial PR and IR campaigns covering IPOs, acquisitions, repositionings and product or service launches.


We have worked with hardware designers and manufacturers in subsectors, such as semiconductors, consumer electronics, optical displays, detection and scanning. Our clients have also supplied innovative systems to improve the efficiency and safety of industrial processes.


Tavistock also has broad experience working with companies that develop and offer Software as a Service (SaaS) and software Platforms as a Service (PaaS). As a result, our clients have provided a wide range of solutions, from systems that support back-office functions to mobile and smart device app developers.

“Our clients include FTSE 100 companies such as cybersecurity group Avast plc to early-stage disruptive start-ups.”

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