Corporate Public Relations

A well-executed, strategic communications strategy is essential in creating trust, increasing revenue and protecting a company’s brand. 


We pride ourselves on establishing deep relationships with our clients, with business value at the forefront of our approach. We are always there to support your business needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our team is made up of experienced individuals such as journalists, in-house communication directors and marketing experts who are dedicated to supporting your business objectives.

“A company’s key to success is effective communication.”


Corporate Positioning

Our approach starts with creating a compelling narrative that captures a company’s vision, direction and culture. We work closely with C-Suite executives and in-house communication departments to really get under the skin of the company and uncover differentiators that stand you apart from your competitors.

Thought Leadership

Our strategically crafted thought leadership projects are specifically designed to support our corporate clients in multiple sectors.

Our campaigns will position you as an informed opinion leader. In turn, this will bring you greater dialogue with the media, your target audiences, stakeholders and key influencers. 

Internal/Stakeholder Communications

We work closely with clients to ensure make sure that their brand identity and image are harmonised, with internal stakeholders sharing the same vision as external stakeholders.

We help our clients to protect their reputations and to build trust with their stakeholders and employees.

Public Affairs Support

We help our clients navigate institutional connections, constructively liaise in policy discussions and build meaningful public alliances.

We use our public relations and affairs support to shift perceptions and to make change happen. We have significant experience of lobbying MPs and figures within the Government, providing a No 10 style campaign, which has resulted in shifts in government perceptions, and has helped clients engage in constructive social dialogue in regards to some of the most critical issues of the day.

Crisis Management

Tavistock has a team of experts, including ex-financial journalists, who are fully equipped at preventing crisis occurrences 24/7. It can take a decade to build a brand and one day to destroy it. Therefore, at Tavistock, we limit or eradicate the damage by acting quickly and effectively. 

During the first 30 days of working with you, we will identify all potential crisis scenarios so the company is fully prepared. This includes social media and SEO engagement. We will also introduce crisis management scenarios, whereby we role-play a crisis situation to show you how it can be handled, dealt with, eradicated or used to your advantage.

Reputation Management

Corporate reputation is one of your most important assets which should be carefully and strategically crafted. We support our clients to establish their authentic identity in ways that resonate with stakeholders and inspire support for their long-term vision for the business. 

One of the main drivers of competitiveness derives from reputation. For over two decades, Tavistock has been working with clients to build their strategic advantage by generating favourable perceptions about companies in the minds of key stakeholders. These perceptions become visible in the attractiveness of the company’s products, services, trademarks, and brands, and constitute a company’s reputational capital.

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