Managing your reputation has never been so important.

In today’s interconnected world, it has never been easier for your audience to access information; moreover, the lines continue to blur between quality editorial content and information being propagated by unqualified and unregulated sources where unverified facts and ‘false’ news abound.

Who’s telling your story? We help our clients to take back control by ensuring they are represented fairly in the media and online.

Having an experienced, senior adviser on your team who understands how the media works and can help to resolve issues for all sides, is vital to any preparation or response you may consider.

Whether your requirement is to prepare the lines of communication and processes in the unlikely event that an emergency occurs, or whether something has emerged which needs to be addressed swiftly and decisively, Tavistock has a proven track record and a calm, logical and discreet approach to ensuring that your point of view is represented.

Tavistock can work with you to understand the impact emerging stories may have on your various stakeholder audiences and often work alongside your legal advisers to help formulate and deliver your responses, helping to protect your reputation as an individual, or a brand.

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