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We help companies and individuals integrate effective digital and social media communications into their overall strategy.


Integrated Digital & Social Communications

No solution is the same, and our team will work with you to build a strategy and framework to suit your business objectives. By creating compelling and engaging content that works across digital and social channels, we will help you to harness earned, owned and paid communications techniques to ensure you reach the people and organisations that really matter to your business.

Tell the whole story, not just what people are interested in writing about

Digital and social platforms provide the perfect opportunity for your organisation to tell the whole story, balancing what the mainstream media is interested in reporting with the less ‘newsworthy’ but equally important messages that you need stakeholders, clients, investors or staff to understand.

Take control of the online discussion.

Search engines are the default validation tool of choice for people researching a brand or organisation. What is available about you online is informing potential clients or investors whether you have had the opportunity to tell them or not. Making sure you are aware of what is being said about you is equally important as making sure you are contributing to this online conversation. If you don’t occupy the space, someone else will.

Create the digital framework that is right for your organisation

While some organisations want to outsource the entire process to a third party, this just isn’t practical for everyone. At Tavistock, we will work with you to identify the best solution and have the capability to manage both.

Some organisations are further along the digital and social transformation journey than others.

While some organisations are further along the digital transformation journey, others need more advice. Our advisers can provide ongoing coaching to teams to ensure they have the confidence to implement the digital aspects of their communications strategy. It can take time to move to a fully integrated digital and social communications approach.

Data, Analytics and Action

Collecting and analysing the data provided by your digital and online activities provides valuable insight into the effectiveness of your recent activity and tangible feedback and data to help shape future campaigns. Our team will help you to select and collect the right metrics to ensure you are measuring and evaluating the data correctly and in the context of harder to measure qualitative measures like sentiment and verbal feedback.

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